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By Paige Kelley

branch skewers Stainless Steel Branch Skewers

Shish kabobs are branching out! These modern grilling skewers, made from laser-cut, premium brushed stainless steel, have nine individual prongs, perfect for veggies, meat or marshmallows, that balance the entire skewer and make for easy flipping. The design is not only stylish, but also allows you instant access to any …read more

By Paige Kelley

grill charms 300x225 Grill Charms

Grill Charms™ are dime-sized and affixed to your chicken, fish, steak, pork or even vegetables in order to differentiate items from others on the grill. This gives grillers the opportunity to cook their meat to the preferred temperature, season their chicken with as much or as little spice as …read more

By Paige Kelley

hockey tools 300x300 Hockey Stick BBQ Tool Set

We all know somebody (perhaps ourself) whose burgers always come off the grill looking like hockey pucks. Give them the right tools to flip that puck with this barbeque tool set. Designed by Massachusetts-based artist Michael Bellino, this set of tools is made from repurposed hockey sticks, retired from their …read more

By Paige Kelley

salt plate 300x300 Salt Plate

Bring new meaning to “season while you cook.” We love a product that does some work in the kitchen for us. Let this salt plate take over seasoning responsibilities and just focus on that mid-cooking glass of wine. Lay anything on top to add salinity, or cook with it in …read more


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